Authentic and sustainable flavour: the agricultural delights of POSSIDENTE FRUIT at zero kilometre

Producing zero kilometer oranges, clementines and lemons is the beating heart of POSSIDENTE FRUIT and our top priority. It means cultivating these citrus delights in the marvelous Piana di Sibari, in the municipality of Corigliano-Rossano, a stone’s throw from the Ionian Sea and surrounded by splendid natural landscapes.

The importance of this choice goes far beyond the mere concept of “proximity to the consumer”. Producing at zero kilometers translates into a reduction in CO2 emissions linked to fruit transport, making a significant contribution to the fight against climate change. Furthermore, it promotes the local economy, supporting agricultural communities and promoting sustainable and responsible agriculture.

Our organic oranges, clementines and lemons also boast the precious feature of the edible peel, a unique aspect that represents respect for nature and the enhancement of the product in its entirety. This allows us to eliminate waste and fully appreciate the genuineness and authentic flavor of our citrus delicacies.

At POSSIDENTE FRUIT, we strive daily to offer our customers an unforgettable culinary experience, in which respect for the earth and love for nature come together to create fruit of excellence. Producing at zero kilometer represents our vision of a sustainable and conscious future, where every bite of orange, clementine or lemon is a gesture of love towards our planet and the well-being of the people who taste them.

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