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Authentic and sustainable flavour: the agricultural delights of POSSIDENTE FRUIT at zero kilometre

Producing zero kilometer oranges, clementines and lemons is the beating heart of POSSIDENTE FRUIT and our top priority. It means cultivating these citrus delights in the marvelous Piana di Sibari, in the municipality of Corigliano-Rossano, a stone’s throw from the Ionian Sea and surrounded by splendid natural landscapes. The importance of this choice goes far […]

Passion and Sustainability: The Fascinating Story of POSSIDENTE FRUIT and Its Organic Delights

In the picturesque Piana di Sibari, in Calabria, stands POSSIDENTE FRUIT, an established farm that has conquered the palate of many with its zero kilometer organic clementines and oranges, with an authentic flavor and with the particularity of the edible peel. Behind this success, there is a family history and a passion for agriculture that […]